Our CSR & Ethical Purchasing Policy

Respecting human rights and trading in an ethical and environmentally aware manner are central to the way we conduct our business operations. We regard ethical business practice very seriously and fully expect each employee, supplier and customer to uphold our ethical business policy in all areas of our operational model. Tico Mail Works strives to act in a socially responsible manner at all times by ensuring the following these key principles are applied and adhered to. These are:

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Ethical sourcing

We strongly believe that by working with suppliers through a partnership approach we can provide a unified and excellent service to a client leading to long term business prospects for both Tico Mail Works and our supply partner.

Through active communication and support between Tico Mail Works and our suppliers we actively achieve our environmental commitment to only buy paper which comes from resources such as forests where trees, grown for paper, are replaced as and when they are cut down and/or recycled paper.

We have always and will continue to give a commitment to the development of long-term partnerships with our suppliers so that our business relationships are mutually beneficial and in keeping with our well established ethical and environmental values.

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