Customised Mailing Solutions

Our Company Mission

To deliver a world class mailing and postal service to our customers, providing for our employees a satisfying career, our suppliers a trustworthy professional business partner, support for the community, protection for the environment, and at the same time doing what we can to help achieve the UN SDGs. We aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.

A Partner For Your Business

Tico Mail Works guarantees to provide businesses of all sizes, both public and private sectors, with a world class mail fulfilment service that provides customised, cost effective solutions, delivered with the highest degree of integrity in a purpose built environment by professional, friendly staff, who consistently engender trust and create long term client relationships.

We love mail of all shapes, sizes and destinations and our ethos is to be an extension of your company. The quality and professionalism of our services has always been a recognised hallmark of Tico Mail Works. We pride ourselves on providing a service that meets our customer’s requirements on a continuous basis.

Our Reputation Has And Always Will Be For Quality And Security

Our operational model has been developed around strict procedures and ensures visible accountability supports data integrity and robust security. Our entire mailing process is open to a full inspection by our clients, on demand.

Because of this each process in our business is underpinned by documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), ensuring accountability and quality from start to finish.

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Technologically Proficient

We have a team of highly skilled personnel who have all been specially trained to provide our customers a world class experience. Our in-house technical staff all have been approved by our print and packing equipment manufacturers to carry out complex maintenance and troubleshooting. This significantly decreases the likelyhoood of any production down time for our customers and so, ensures we are optimally positioned to meet our customers tight deadlines.

Our Environmental Commitment

Tico Mail Works considers environmental protection an essential part of our business model.

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Our CSR & Ethical Purchasing Policy

We strongly believe that by working with suppliers through a partnership approach we can provide a unified and excellent service to a client leading to long term business prospects for both Tico Mail Works and our supply partner.

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Our Postal Code of Practice

This Code of Practice covers the handling & reporting of complaints, methods of compensation to customers, the methods available to customers for complaint and the methods of appeal available regarding loss, theft or damage to items.

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